About Voice Of Hope Media

The Voice of Hope Media is a nonprofit Christian organization whose sole purpose is to preach the gospel of our Soon Coming LORD and King, Jesus Christ through the modern mass media.

VOHM: Voice of Hope Media (VOH) is a Christian based ministry with the main aim of preparing both Adventist and non-Adventist for the imminent return of Christ.
To reach the entire world with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the media.
To warn and prepare both Adventist and non-Adventist in the world about the Return of Jesus Christ.
The VOHM wishes to promote the following objectives:
  1. The imminent second coming of Christ.
  2. To proclaim the three angels message in the world through the media.
  3. To keep the world informed on the prophecies about Christ’s return that is being fulfilled in our lives daily.
  4. To assist Churches in training and equipping their members as soul-winning agents.


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